Retrospelsmässan is taking over 1200 square meters with epic gaming experiences

nintendo spel

Retrospelsmässan is bringing lots of games from the 70s to the present and fills the Gaming Zone

Whether you have a love for older generations of video and computer games or are just interested in a nice nostalgia hit, you must not miss the Gaming Zone powered by Retrospelsmässan at Comic Con Göteborg. In our Gaming Zone you can try everything that has been in the game path from the 70s to the present.

Win prizes in Retrospelsmässans comeptitions!

Not only can you test a lot of old gaming consoles and computers in the Gaming Zone, you can also take part in fun gaming competitions with great prizes. Take the opportunity to challenge yourself and others while having so much fun!

In the Gaming Zone you will be able to test lots of awesome games and activities such as Console History, Japanese Otaku, Arcade Experience and Pinball Mania!

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