Artist alley


Come stroll, mingle and shop in the creative nest of Artist Alley! This is the place for independent artists in different fields. Artist Alley is one of the most appreciated areas at Comic Con and a must visit for every curious visitor. Meet cartoonists, illustrators, writers and other creators who exhibit and sell their works. Here you will easily find unique items, for yourself or maybe a nice gift for someone you like.


We proudly present this year’s Artist Alley exhibitor at Comic Con Göteborg! This year we have a wonderful mix of comic book writers, writers and manga artists. We are constantly updating the list!

Ewa Broberg


Ewa Broberg is a writer and runs her own publisher called Marwa. She writes dystopia and her books have been called “a Nordic Divergent” and compared to the Hunger Games. In conjunction with Comic Con, she releases the third and final installment, The Destroyers, in the trilogy The Free Shooters. In the stand you will also find horror and suspense literature from the publisher’s other publication.

Patrik Magnerius


Crannog is a new Swedish cartoon fantasy series in twelve parts. For those who like Conan the Barbarian or Critical Role, for example, this is a series to follow. The creator, Patrik Magnerius, sells signed books throughout the fair. You can also purchase copies with unique, handmade drawings in!



Historical fantasy with a focus on intrigue, adventure and power struggle is what is offered in Pichler’s fantasy trilogy. Two worlds collide, with eager individuals fighting conflict avoidance. Which side is actually right?

hans m hirschi


Hans M Hirschi’s authorship highlights realistic HBTQ + experiences, with credible characters and environments rooted in and drawn from different cultures and continents. He’s writing in various genres, including science fiction and fantasy. Both his sci-fi book “Willem of the Table” and the fantasy series “The Golden One” are inspired by the environmental problems we are struggling with.

martin Brusin


Dragonniar, a freelancer mangaka from Sweden with a huge fascination of dragons.  So big that he is actually working on his own written and drawn high fantasy dragon manga, that is called The Legendary Annurin.

monika mikucka


A game graphic designer/illustrator who likes to drink a lot of tea, but also creates cute merch, stickers, fanzines and even illustrates mythological themes. I will also receive commissions on site but also sell original works! I have also been honored to create this year’s Comic Con Heroes poster, if you want it signed, here is the opportunity!

To exhibit in our Artist Alley you need to buy an Artist Alley ticket. A ticket costs 1500 SEK. The ticket includes entry for one person all days as well as guaranteed spot in our Artist Alley with table (1.1 x 0.6m) and a chair. Please note that we only release a limited number of tickets.

If you are a creator who creates something in the Comic Con theme then you are welcome to book a table in Artist Alley. Here, comic artists are joined by illustrators, silversmiths, writers and others.

Of course, what you sell must be legal and your business must comply with Swedish law. If you want to sell something with an adult character, weapon or food we have special restrictions. We recommend that you contact us to hear what applies.

The ticket includes entry for one person all days as well as a guaranteed place in our Artist Alley with table (1.1 x 0.6m) and a chair.

You will also be featured on Comic Con Gothenburg’s website with image and infotext.

No. You will get a table from us that is 1.1 x 0.6 m

Yes, that is okay. But you need to buy an extra entrance ticket and bring your own extra chair.

Participants gets to choose a table when they come to set up. The tables are not numbered, so first come, first served.


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