Stamsite is one of Sweden’s largest Youtube channels in gaming. Founder Marcus Nyman created the channel in 2007 and today has 343,000 followers. The channel contains videos where Marcus Nyman plays various computer games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Super Mario Maker 2, Scrap Mechanic and Farming Simulater. Sometimes he plays in the company of family and friends. Among his most popular uploads is the YouTube clip The Dropper # 1 with over 12 million views.

Stamsite has been nominated for Gamer of the Year on the Gold Tube on four occasions. In addition, Marcus also runs his second Youtube channel Stamsite Extra, the Minecraft server 90gQopen and the Twitch channel Stamsite.

Meet Stamsite at Comic Con

During Saturday at Comic Con Gothenburg you will have the opportunity to meet Stamsite. All you need is an entrance ticket.

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