Yehuda and Maya Devir

Comic artists

Yehuda and Maya Devir are the comic artist couple who have taken the internet by storm with their highly relatable web series One of Those Days. The married Israeli couple, are guesting Comic Con Gothenburg! One of those days is a humorous series that describes real moments from Yehuda and Maya’s marriage in a fun and recognizable way. The success of the series has made the couple celebrities, and more than 5 million people follow Yehuda’s account on Instagram.

Meet Yehuda and Maya Devir at Comic Con

You can meet the succesful comic artist couple at Comic Con Göteborg troughout the event May 8-9. They will have their own exhibition booth, where you can meet and greet and also buy their products. The couple will also attend at  Q&A panels on our biggest stage and be interviewed on Heroes Talk. All you need to meet Yehuda and Maya, is a entry ticket to Comic Con Göteborg.

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