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Med #Whereheroesmeet -inslagen vill vi lyfta några av alla de vardagshjältar från olika communities som vi tycker förtjänar lite extra uppmärksamhet. Vår andra hjälte är Jennifer, aka Pamigu, som skapat Samus Aran’s Varia Suit. Fler bilder finns efter intervjun nedan. Vill ni kolla in Pamigus Instagram kan ni göra det här

  • Who are you?

Hello I am Jennifer, aka Pamigu. I am a French woman living in Sweden. I am a software test engineer, crochet artist and cosplayer. I am also a gamer, fan of SciFi and Fantasy, Anime, Manga and I raise Huskies ^^. 

  • When did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying in 2016 and with a nice cosplay to be honest but the worse wig and makeup ever XD. I cosplayed as a character from Final Fantasy type 0. And no one knew who I was. So I left a bit depressed. But it is not in the past and I can laugh at pictures of me in that cosplay. In a way it also helped me a lot to improve and push myself.

  • Why did you pick Samus Aran to cosplay?

Samus Aran is my all time favorite game heroine. Like many, as a child from the early 80s, I grew up with the Metroid Games. My parents did not have money, so I did not have any console growing up. I used to go to my neighboor to see him playing. The day we realise Samus was a woman was an amazing feeling. The first ever heroine in a video game. People did not want to believe a badass character could be a woman. Since then, she has always had a big place in my heart. She changed my life and I felt free to express myself in a new way, not being afraid of being different from others. As an adult, I mostly played Metroid Prime 3, on the Wii. As well as Samus Return on the 3DS. I plan to revisit all the previous entry and relive my childhood nostalgia.

  • What inspired you to create the Varia Suit?

With my previous cosplay, I realised they were not “me”. I did not feel like this was who I wanted to cosplay. I might be tiny, I feel like a warrior and always admired the cosplayer wearing full suits. I find it awesome and I knew in my heart if I had to make one it must be Samus’. Samus’ armor suits are all amazing to me. I picked the Varia Suit since it is the most econic suit she has, being the one most recognised and used in a lot of game cover. It has changed a lot and evolved through the years. So I though this is the one I should make first. It is not however my favorite suit. The Dark Suit (not to confused with Dark Samus) is the one. The retro look is just so pleasing to me, with crazy shoulder “radiator” looking and the gravity boost pack. The PED and Light suit are also superb. And I plan to make all of them as cosplay.

  • How was the process of creating it?

Hell, stressfull and rewarding XD. When I create a piece, be it crochet or cosplay or any other art, my first priority is accuracy. This was no exception. First I bought the Figma figure of the Metroid Prime 3 Varia Suit. I realised it would be a challenge considering Samus propertion and her suit, her being so tall. But the amount of work did not and never scared me. So I had to play it smart. I got the 3d files from the game and worked with them in Pepakura. I decided to keep the original design, size and shape but only change the scaling. This would allow me to wear the suit while being accurate to the actual suit from the game and also be realistic (And not have a skin tight suit). First, I printed each section from pepalura and made sure they go well together without me disappearing in the suit. I also had to make sure they were still wide enough for the lights, the batteries and the padding. Once I got the proper scale, I bought a ton of EVA foam and started to trace the shape on them, gluing each piece like a puzzle. I had to redo this 3 times to get a proper scaling and look on me. I also glue my fingers together and burnt myself so many time due to the hot glue. This was a painfull process XD. Once it was ready ot be painted, I couldn’t believe it. I made a Samus Suit and it is there on my mannequin. This was really the greatest feeling. 

The paint job was done with the help of my husband Måns, who is a miniature painter. We bought sets of PlastiDip base, pearlizer and other paints. I wanted a metallic look and not a cartoon look like the old Metroid game. It had to be as real as possible. It took a while to get the correct colors but we made it and it was just superb to me. Måns then painted details and made the suit pop. We then added some transparent Worbla for the lights, which were painted in Neon colors, to allow the suit to still pop if the lights would be off. Each piece got its own powerbank so I did not have to worry about changing battery. I also glued the padding and painted it metallic grey to mimic the armor joints. And voila 😀 Måns did an amazing job making the suit what it is and should get credit for it too. The suit would not have been what it is without our awesome team work. 

The only regret I have with the suit is the cooling system. I need to improve this cause wearing the suit for 5 h at my first con was not easy, mainly at the end when I could barely breath. But it was all worth it. You can find work in progress picture on my instagram and some bonusses and materials list in the Varia Suit Highlight

  • Your first con?

My first convention as Samus in her Varia Suit was SciFi World Göteborg. Meeting other cosplayer, meeting fans of metroid, high five with kids. It was amazing. The best experience and the best day of my life I gotta admit. People loved the suit and it really boosted my confidence. I was afraid people would critic on my height, and I had high anxiety at first. But no one was rude or mean at all. Everybody was encouraging, even Metroid Fans loved it. It was so amazing to be there walking in the suit. Even though I don’t do competition normally, I did join it and winning in my category was also a nice end of the day bonus. Every cosplayer there deserved a price as they are not only amazing cosplayer but amazing people too.

  • Conclusion

Cosplay is amazing. In all, it taught me a lot: not giving up, not being afraid to fail in order to learn and be better, and defenitly to enjoy what I do, cosplaying the characters I love. All the people I met online and offline are the best part of it all. If you want to create the suit and need to know more about mine or anything else, pelase feel free to contact me ^^. I will gladly help. The cosplays I am currently working on are the Dark Suit and Wooly Yoshi, cause as a crochet artist I must make it 🙂

I hope to meet you at Comic Con Göteborg ^^

PS: To all of the people who are scared or not confident to make a cosplay, just go for it. Do not compare yourself to other cosplayers, and do not let anyone tell you you can’t cosplay due to your body type, gender or color. I am 1m55 and for 1 day, I was Samus. And hell, that was awesome.

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