Carlos Pacheco


Pacheco started his career at the Spanish branch of Marvel Comics, where he
illustrated various covers and posters. Shortly after that, he got to work for
Dark Guard, an edition of Marvel UK for which he collaborated with writer Dan
Abnett and Inker Oscar Jimenez. His work attracted a lot of attention in the
United States, after which he was offered the opportunity to work on Marvel
Comicsʼ Bishop in 1994. In the same year he was given the opportunity to work
for Marvel competitor DC Comicsʼ The Flash.

Pachecoʼs work for Uncanny X-Men, Starjammers and Excalibur made him a
well-known name among Marvel Comics fans and made him one of the most
important comic artists of recent years. His most famous and popular work
was the epic story Avengers Forever, one of the most important Avengers
storylines within the world of Marvel Comics. He has drawn many Marvel
characters and storylines since then, including Ultimate Thor, Avengers and Xmen.
Pachecoʼs most recent work is the mini-series: The Life of Captain
Marvel. Carlos also created his own comic, Arrowsmith, in collaboration with
partner in crime Kurt Busiek. The two of them are currently working on a sequel
to the series.

Träffa Carlos Pacheco på Comic Con

Ta chansen att träffa Carlos Pacheco Comic Con Göteborg helgen 9-10 maj. Carlos kommer vara på plats i Commic Village där du kan träffa honom, ta bilder och köpa hans produkter.  Köp din biljett till Comic Con Göteborg nu och säkra din chans att träffa Carlos Pacheco. 

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